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X-Tremeā„¢ XG-575-DS
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XG-575-DS Gas Scooter

The FASTEST Gas Scooter Model XG-575-DS (A-Blaze Signature Series) 2 Speed

Our ULTIMATE Gas Scooter: Signature Series (A-Blaze) 50cc 2 Stroke XG-575-DS. The XG-575-DS comes standard with a EPA certified gasoline engine and a Puzey Patented 2 Speed Shifter Transmission. This gas scooter can reach speeds up to 35 MPH.

The features of this fast gas scooter include an Aluminum Billet deck and 11" KNOBBY air filled tires, (this is the ONLY scooter of this type available with oversize Knobby Tires) and this tough gas scooter also comes with a Patented Front Mono Shock Suspension System which will aid in a smooth ride and soft landings when jumping.

The XG-575-DS has racing handlebars with a foam center pad signed by A-Blaze (Signature Series), front and rear vented disk brakes, the widest billet CNC cut deck available, and a Fold-N-Lock system which allows you to quickly fold the handle pole down for easy transportation or to load into the trunk of a car.

The XG-575-DS has an optional Puzey Patented Snap-N-Click seat kit should you want to add that after your purchase (sold separately).

*Note: 2 stroke engines require that you mix 2 cycle oil with the gasoline. Instructions and a fuel / oil mixing bottle is provided.

Effective 2010: Gasoline scooters cannot be manufactured with a seat kit included unless they are classified as a motor vehicle (motorcycle). Gas scooters of this type cannot be classified as a motorcycle and therefore a seat kit cannot be offered with the (new scooter). We do sell seat kits separately that fit all models on our parts link above.

**This model is NOT carb certified and CANNOT be sold in California**


Fuel mix ratio is 32:1 If you want to mix it richer use 25:1 if you want to mix it leaner use 40:1. Note* 32:1 is a good safe mixture, it's lean enough that spark plug fouling will be minimal but rich enough that the engine is sufficiently lubricated and will not suffer any harm. 40:1 and leaner will provide more power but less lubrication. Any ash less 2 stroke oil brand is acceptable for use in these 2 stroke engines. Examples are: pennzoil, honda, lawnboy. All auto parts stores and wal-marts offer these in the oil section. Failure to mix oil with your gasoline will result in engine seizure within 30 seconds.
4 ounces of oil to 1 gallon of gasoline / petrol is = to 32:1

EPA Certified 2 Stroke 50cc Gasoline Engine
Up to 35 mph*
20+ miles per tank*
Tire Size
11 Inch Aluminum Mag Wheels (Knobby Oversized Tires)
Tool Kit
Pull Starter
Dual Speed Shifter (1st & 2nd Gear) Patented
Suspension System
Puzey Designed Front Mono Shock System
Throttle Type
Variable Speed Control
Kick Stand
Included - Welded to Frame
Seat Kit Included
Seat Kit Available
Braking System
Front & Rear Vented Disk Brakes
Drive System
Chain - Featuring Quick Adjust - One Touch Adjusting System
Body Type
High Grade Billet Aluminum
Billet Racing Aluminum
Polished Hardened Steel - ok for jumping
Yes - Folds & Locks in Folded Position
Stand Up Scooter / Optional Sit Down Seat Kit available
Scooter Size
Length 50 Inches - Deck is 12 Inces Wide
43 Inches to Handlesbars
Suggested Max Weight
300 lbs.
Carton Size (L x W x H)
47 x 17 x 19
Scooter In Box Weight
60 lbs.
Scooter Weight
52 lbs.
30 Day X-Treme Warranty - 6 Month Battery Warranty
*depends on rider weight & terrain

X-Treme Scooters offers a 30-day limited bumper-to-bumper manufacturers warranty, includes the engine as well, on the XG-575-DS Gas Scooter. 


What is covered & what is not covered:
1. Shipping damage: Should your item arrive with damage that is a direct result of the assigned shipping carriers mishandling, X-Treme will replace those damaged parts free of charge under warranty as long as the damage is reported immediately after delivery.  In the event that the damage is determined to be extensive, (digital photos may be required by e-mail), at X-Treme’s discretion and after careful consideration, X-Treme may arrange to have the item picked up and returned to X-Treme for free replacement.  X-Treme will provide technical support via phone or through our Support Help Desk to assist customers with the replacement of parts but will not pay labor charges to install such parts.
2. Tires, tubes & kick stands: These items are NOT covered unless they are damaged as a result of shipping.
3. During your applicable warranty period: X-Treme Scooters will replace any defective part free of charge and free of shipping charge to the end user of the scooter. X-Treme may require certain parts to be returned to X-Treme before replacing those parts. Shipping costs back to X-Treme must be paid for by the end user / customer. Call tags will never be issued.


We also offer a full 6-month even trade warranty on defective batteries.  If any battery should become faulty within the specified warranty period we will replace the battery free of charge. X-Treme requires that defective batteries be returned to us for exchange. X-Treme Scooters does not pay the shipping fee's to return the batteries to us however we will pay to ship the replacement batteries back to you. If you have questions about our warranty, please contact our support department by opening a support ticket only. A friendly representative will get back to you quickly. Our support department hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM PST.


The warranty starts the day the scooter is delivered to you. This warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. We do not cover misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event. X-Treme will pay for standard shipping service costs on the first warranty shipment only. Any additional warranty parts that are needed will require the customer to pay all shipping costs.

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